No one can tell you the truth about your health

By Alive & Well

David Wolfe is an inimitable character. He’s one of the world’s foremost authorities on nutrition, a raw food enthusiast, and a crusader who has spent many years educating and inspiring people to live well and long.

He works with CEOs, celebrities, politicians, professionals, people with cancer, diabetes, heart problems, children, mums and dads – you name it, he’s helped them.

And over the course of 20 years, he has delivered 2,000 lectures and never missed one. Ever. He just doesn’t get sick.

The man knows what he’s talking about

David Wolfe -Signing my book! Feel like a groupieSo it was a great pleasure to be entertained by him when he presented in Melbourne recently.

His motto is “have the best day ever” and, in the way only Americans can, he encouraged us all to go for spectacular wellness in our lives.

For him, that’s about taking care of ourselves, our communities and our environment. Using food and herbs as medicine, all day every day. Making sure we never need to use the other medicines, unless there is an acute situation.

Couldn’t agree more.

And then he said …

“No one can tell you the truth about your health, except you.”

This was the message that really hit home for me. It’s something I’ve talked about a little in other posts, but I have never heard it captured so well.

There are lots of experts out there advocating one approach or another, and many of them are experienced, well-meaning professionals doing their best to help us with the particular knowledge they have.

But NO ONE, not anyone, other than you, can know what will bring you great health and vitality. You can only work this out by listening to your body, and watching for the signs it gives you to say “yes! this is working!” or “nope – not liking this.”

And it is not all about nutrition either. Laughter, love, movement and connection with others are all vital too. So, it is about the balance and stacking the odds in your favour.

Some other cool food facts

When he got into the nitty gritty about the nutrition content in foods, superfoods and herbs, some fascinating information came out. For instance, did you know that:

  • Avocado is a great cellulite killer?
  • Raw cacao is packed with magnesium, chromium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and zinc – awesome for mineralisation (aka bones)?
  • Lettuce calms you down?
  • Goji berries are the no. 1 antioxidant food in the world?
  • Maca (a root vegetable native to Peru) helps to oxygenate your cells?
  • Wild plums (like the Kakadu plum in the Northern Territory) have incredible levels of vitamin C?

I can’t get enough of stuff like that. It inspires me to try new things, keep educating myself and my family and make the most of every minute of my Masters of Wellness training.

What do you do to stack the odds in your favour? What’s your favourite food, superfood or herb? Why?