PBS report part 4 – with Autism, teaching is treatment (and parents are too)

By Alive & Well

Marj here again. This episode looks at two public schools for children with Autism in New York – and while some of the issues around legislation and funding are U.S.-specific, there is much that many parents of children with Autism will relate to, wherever they are.

Things like:

  • The difference that totally individualised, one-on-one teaching can make to the realisation of each child’s potential – and how rarely existing educational infrastructure and resourcing can actually provide it
  • The importance of teaching basic life skills like shaving and sitting still
  • The role that technology can play in the development of a child who has trouble expressing him/herself
  • “At the end of the day, whatever the school experience, the treatment of Autism comes home to the parents.”

And this, from Jesse Mojica, father to 12-year-old Adam, is almost word-for-word what I’ve heard from Nichola over the years:

“I am a very different person than I was before Adam was in my life.

“When he was diagnosed with Autism, it was a very difficult time. This is a moment where your life is changing dramatically, and you can either be broken by that, or it can take you in another direction.

“Where Adam took me was he made me into a better man. He’s taught me that the true meaning of life is to love and to give of yourself and to be compassionate and to serve others.

“I’ve met a lot of very impressive people in my life, but no one’s taught me that more than my son, and I will be forever grateful to him.”

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