Down the hatch: 7 sure-fire strategies to encourage your child to take their supplements and eat new foods (part 6)

By Alive & Well

Sean Fitzgerald, Autism InternationalGuest post from Sean Fitzgerald, Autism International


6. Celebrations

Lots of parents are really good at positive reinforcement when their kids do what they want them to do, like eat something that’s good for them. Which is great.

fireworksBut it’s not just about the destination. There are lots of opportunities to celebrate along the way.

It’s much more encouraging for your child (and you!) if you celebrate every little step in the journey towards yes, like when …

  • He says no – because at least he’s communicating what he wants. Plus, it means he’s establishing a sense of control
    and security around what you’re offering, and is less likely to become a strong resistor in the long run.
  • He looks towards what you’re offering, or gives it back to you, or picks it up, or sniffs it, or touches it to his lips or tongue – because this is genuine movement towards getting familiar with it and participating in the process.

All of these things show that he’s responding and trying. All you need to do is encourage him to keep going and take a tiny step further next time.

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