About Us

Alive & Well is brought to you by Nichola and Marj Lefroy. They’re sisters, but you wouldn’t know it.

Nichola Lefroy

Nik3cropped3NICHOLA is a scientist, project manager, wife, mother of three boys and our resident subject matter expert (the “I” in most of the posts).

She moved into the world of wellness after her experience with her middle son, who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in late 2007. After a long and winding journey through the Western medical system and Google, she applied three forms of natural intervention that helped him overcome many of his symptoms and reconnect with the world around him (you can read more about his story in this magazine article). Her family as a whole has now adopted the wellness model, and all have benefitted immensely as a result.

This site shares her journey and experiences, in the hope that they might be helpful to others. In the meantime, a summary of her resume would look something like this:

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), University of Melbourne
  • Postgraduate scholarship student in Health Promotion and Health Education (Distinction), Southbank University, London
  • Graduate Certificate in Wellness (High Distinction), RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Professional career at VicHealth and Shell International.
  • Former member of the University of Melbourne’s Humanities and Applied Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Ran a home-based Son-Rise program for her son with autism for six years, leading a team of volunteers and  consulting with a range of specialists
  • Currently working at the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School.

Marj Lefroy

pic-website2MARJ is not quite so evolved. She led a rather unhealthy life and once lived on Pizza Shapes and beer alone, until she saw her beautiful nephew’s progress firsthand and resolved to clean up her act.

Since then she has sought the wisdom of a universe of specialists of every persuasion, had extensive biochemical testing, improved her diet and developed an inclination towards exercise.

So she’s on the wellness wagon too. Some of the time. She still falls off it a bit, and none of it comes particularly easily.

But mostly she’s here because she’s a writer and an editor, and she’s keen to help Nichola share her story.